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Why Gymwolf was born

Indrek Ulst, December 2010

For over 4 years I have been writing down all my gym workouts in a journal, the old-fashioned way using pen and paper. The problem with that is that it needs a lot of additional work to calculate all the total weights and reps for each gym workout. So I almost never do that and because of that I lose most of the useful information about my progress. As the calculating part is actually pretty straight forward, it should be easy to make a computer do the work for you. So the only challenge should be getting the data to the computer. I tried to find something that would do the job, but surprisingly I couldn’t find anything really useful. Most of the existing systems are not meant for gym workouts, are hard to use, or keep the data inside one device (so you can only access your workout data from the computer where the software is installed). That gave me the idea to create the software I need myself.