Track Your Gym and Cardio Workouts

Gymwolf is a workout tracking tool that helps you track your gym and cardio workouts. For gym workouts just add your exercises and sets. For cardio workouts enter the activity, duration and distance. It's really easy. You can also track your bodyweight and add notes on both gym and cardio workouts.

See your progress

Gymwolf provides different graphs that help you track your progress. There are graphs for gym workouts, cardio workouts and bodyweight. The graphs are highly customizable: you can select the date range, exercise and group the results by month, week or single workout.

Database with 300+ exercises

Gymwolf has a database with over 300 exercises. The exercises come with detailed descriptions, tips and step-by-step images. If you don't find a exercise from our database, then you can also add your own exercises.
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Create Workout Plans

With Gymwolf you can create your own workout plans. You can also browse workout plans created by other users and add them to your plans with just one click. Workout plans make adding your workout data even easier: add a new workout and select your workout plan, the workout data will be filled in automatically.

Achieve Your Goals

Gymwolf makes it easier to set and track your goals. Add your goal and set the desired date - Gymwolf will let you know if you have achieved your goal, plus you can see how close you are to your desired result.

Discover Our Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps save all the workout data online at, so you don't have to worry about syncing or backing up your data.

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